Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Fast Fashion

Un petit peu d’humour pour le week-end avec John Oliver pour ceux qui comprennent l’anglais. J’aime beaucoup cet humoriste, derrière son show super marrant il traite de vrais problèmes et fait « subtilement » passer pas mal d’info:

A bit of humour for the week-end with the super funny John Oliver. Really like this comedian, behind the humour of his show, he addresses real problems, and « subtly » gives lots of info:


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  • I love this guy, so wise and smart and he makes the average person thinking. and it’s not offensive at all, this kind of ‘news for dummies’ – I think it is perfect to sum up issues for any kind of a person.

    Besides, I love your blog! I’ve just discovered it 🙂 and these kind of issues led me to try to build a handmade wardrobe (or at least if I’m not capable to sew something I’m shopping only in second-hand shops). I hate sweat shops, I hate fast fashion.


    • He is very funny isn’t he? We discovered him because of his video about the kiwi flag change, it was hilarious! That is great if you are also working on a handmade wardobe 🙂 It is a bit tricky all that, because one could tell that people from the sweatshops need our purchases to remain employed (argument often used by the big companies), but what I can’t get, and that drives me crazy is that they do not get paid more, a decent living wage, with decent working hours. Because it is possible, and the impact on the price of the final product would be minimal.


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